Elevating the Drone Industry

By David Hose, CEO

It is a great honor to accept the position of CEO at AirMap. I’m incredibly excited to lead AirMap at such an important moment for our company and our industry.

Over my career, I’ve had the privilege of being an early contributor to technologies and industries that have since become huge, global markets: GIS and mapping in the 1980s, mobile location and mobile internet in the 1990s, and mobile advertising in the 2000s. I see the same potential in the drone space, and in AirMap.

I joined AirMap in November, and since then, I have been incredibly impressed by what Ben, Greg, and the AirMap team have accomplished together. AirMap is a critical enabler for the drone ecosystem, ensuring that drones can understand the world around them, plan and fly safe routes, and communicate with others – all in real time. As we open the skies for complex drone operations, we are giving even the world’s biggest companies the confidence they need to invest in drones. With AirMap’s support, the drone economy is ready to scale.

We count among our partners a world-class community of industry innovators, regulators and policymakers, investors, and other airspace stakeholders. Our technology powers drone businesses of all sizes, from the independent entrepreneur to the high-scale enterprise. With their help, we’re making the skies safer for all and ensuring that the drone economy can grow, thrive, and contribute at its highest potential.

My goal at AirMap is simple: to continue the trajectory and move even faster than we have before. I look forward to working with our customers and partners to open the skies for drones. As AirMap grows, we will continue to foster rich and meaningful partnerships that help us unlock low-altitude airspace worldwide.

Thank you to Ben, Greg, the AirMap board, and the AirMap team for their trust and support. Together, we’ll help the drone ecosystem realize its potential, and ensure that drones can take flight across the world.


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