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The sky is no longer the limit.

The air above us holds enormous potential, and intelligent drone management creates significant commercial and human advantages.

Elevated airspace tools.

Revolutionize the way you manage UAS airspace with intuitive tools that speed up response times, improve safety, and create economies.

A higher level of protection.

Secure your assets and protect your people with military-grade intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions.

Create opportunities from thin air.

Innovate your category and create competitive advantages by commercializing your business in new ways.

Manage, protect, and innovate with agile airspace tools.

AirMap is a global leader in airspace management software systems for drones. We help regional and national airspace authorities operate safely and efficiently. We help the defense sector and public agencies use drone solutions to keep people safe. We also work with forward-thinking enterprises to innovate new commercial opportunities.

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Ops hours saved per year


Safe flights per year


Ops dollars saved per year


Manage, Protect, and Innovate with next-generation airspace tools.

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